OpenPandora 0.7

OpenPandora is an application that exposes Pandora music discovery service
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Pandora is an internet music service which only streams the music you like. This service works by you telling Pandora a music group, artist or song you like. From then on Pandora will only play artists and songs similar to them. Later on you can add new artists, bands or songs and with an interactive and simple interface you can tell Pandora which songs you like and which you don't thus making your personal music station even more pleasing to your tastes.

Pandora works through its official web page where a flash based music player shows you the music being streamed along with many other useful tools, like the already mentioned like and dislike feature.

Sometimes having to open a web browser only to listen to music can be impractical and here is where OpenPandora comes in.

Open Pandora is a lightweight application that displays the flash based Pandora music player along with all its features on your desktop without having to use a web browser.

You only need to run the application and OpenPandora will run and automatically will log onto your previously customized music station. When minimized, OpenPandora becomes a system tray shortcut which displays the current band or artist along with the name of the song when the cursor is on top of it. Right clicking on it displays every other feature Pandora has to offer (play, pause, like, dislike, forward, add artist, etc...).

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  • Free
  • It runs smoothly on the background
  • Shows currently played song info


  • It takes a little for the application to start
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